New Mexico Concealed Carry (Weeks 1-4 Online Material) Info

This is the most comprehensive, fun, and flexible concealed carry course you will ever take! Not only can you take this course without sacrificing your whole weekend, but you can exceed the state requirements with only 1 night a week for 4 weeks. In our course you will develop a working knowledge, comfort, and practical use of firearm skills. Additionally, you will build practical skill sets that will help you survive a high risk, and high-stress encounter.

Shockwave Defense has the only private sector, Military, Law Enforcement grade gun simulator, available to the public in the state! Not only will you learn the right and wrong times to shoot, how to make decisions under stress, but effective life saving maneuvers in our marker shoot house. This course is a must for beginners and advanced alike.

Break Down Of Times:

1.5 Hours: Intro 2 Firearms (Must be taken prior to taking our CCW course)

7.5 Hours: Online Learning Academy

4 Hours: Weekly Classes (1) Week Total 4 Hours/Month

4.5 Hours: Range/Qualifications

Total of 17.5 Hours Which Exceeds The State Minimum Requirements.

A few of the skills sets you’ll learn include but are not limited to:

– Safe Firearm Handling

– Firearm Parts and Operation

– Ammunition and Function

-NM State Requirements & Reciprocities

– Shooting Fundamentals and an Opportunity to Develop Them on the Range, Marker Shoot house & Gun Simulator

-How To Select, Clean and Store a Firearm

-And A Multitude of Other Skill Set’s & Activities, That Participants Can Train, To Develop and Improve Their Shooting Skills.